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So what is a “Tourmeister”?

Search an English or German dictionary and you’re likely to come up empty-handed. And yet the term is currently used by both motorcycle and car clubs for the individual in charge of their trips and travel. It’s a term which conjures up weekend getaways, vacations, the open road ….. The “Tourmeister” is trip organizer, travel guide, and leader rolled into one.

Here at, we’ve taken the concept of the open road and applied it to everything from jungle paths to superhighways – and to the sea and sky as well. This is the site for those who love to tour by foot, car, train, ship, or airplane, and who wish to master what they see and do. If you like hiking, hillwalking, or running rivers, we hope to make this a site to which you’ll resort. If cruising is your sport of choice, let us pull you out of your deckchair and ready you for shore excursions, whether they be in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific, Antarctica, or the Americas. Backpackers will find a few tips here, as will jet-setters and normal tourists. The common denominator is a love of travel and a desire to understand other climes and cultures. Whether you use a Baedecker, a Blue Guide, or a Brandt, a Moon Guide or a Michelin, favor Fodor or Rick Steves, carry Cadogan, travel Rough, prefer Passport, or like Lonely Planet, we hope you’ll find something extra here. With your help, we want to give your wanderlust authoritative worldwide coverage and to enhance your trip, whether it be a day at a port-of-call, a summer vacation, or a year’s sabbatical.

Our coverage will hopefully include interesting sights, activities, the low-down on where to lodge and where (and what!) to eat, potential pitfalls, and – of course – shopping! We’ll have sections on nature and the environment, history and culture, literature and spiritual insights, and lots of other topics of interest. We may even save you from one or two of those tourist gaffes!

While we want you to get a lot out of our site, we’re equally excited about what you have to give. Let us know about that great restaurant in Rome, the place you kipped in Katmandu, or what you thought was worth doing or seeing in Saskatchewan. The Tourmeister is never too proud to learn, and your traveling companions will thank you.

This web address is a work in progress. Please don’t judge us solely on our current appearance, but come back to visit and to contribute your own tips. Watch the site grow! We not only hope to fill in the obvious gaps, but want to expand to cover what interests our electronic readership. Let us know what you want to see. The next few months may be a bit patchy, as we visit locations on four continents, but hopefully all will be grist for the mill, and will result in improvements online.

Meantime, safe travels and Godspeed!

The Menefees


Site contents copyright Sam and Mary Menefee
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